From the Desk of the Superintendent

Good Afternoon Families, Employees and Community Leaders,

I hope that this message finds each of you and your loved ones well.
On Monday, April 20, 2020 Governor DeWine during his daily press conference announced that schools in Ohio will not be reopening for the remainder of the school year. We will continue to follow the school calendar in regards to educating your child.  On-line or packet instruction will continue until May 29 th.  If you have checked out a Chromebook it must be returned to the high school on Monday June 1st from 9:00-3:00.  There will be staff members outside on June 1st so you can drop off your Chromebooks from your car window. At this time we will also be collecting textbooks, guitars and graphic calculators.  This process should be extremely easy for everyone to follow.

What does this mean to the North Baltimore Locals Schools?
Within an hour of this announcement, we began to receive emails from families concerned about getting back into the buildings to collect the students’ personal belongings either from their lockers or their classrooms. We have put together a schedule of dates and times for you or your child to come in and pick up their belongings.  The schedule is as follows:
Monday, April 27th  9:00-1:00 Grades 7 and 8
Tuesday, April 28th 9:00-3:00 Grades  9-12
Wednesday, April 29th 9:00-12:00 Preschool
Wednesday, April 29th 12:00- 3:00 Kdg.
Thursday, April 30th 9:00-12:00 Grade 1
Thursday, April 30th 12:00-3:00 Grade 2
Friday, May 1st 9:00-12:00 Grade 3
Friday, May 1st 12:00-3:00 Grade 4
Monday, May 4th 9:00-12:00 Grade 5
Monday, May 4th 12:00-3:00 Grade 6
We will be allowing a limited number of people per room, and please practice social distancing. Please try to limit the number of family members coming into the building. If you are picking up at the high school please drop off your student at the front of the building, and pick your child back up at the back of the building beside the gymnasium doors. Students that are driving themselves please park in the back of the building.
At this time, we do not have a date and time for graduation or prom. There will be more information coming in regards to these events.    

As a school district, we are preparing for different options as we do not know what a “gradual” opening will look like for schools possibly this fall. There are so many variables to consider as we think about some of the basic elements in a typical school day. How can we safely transport students to and from school while keeping a safe physical distance? Feeding students in the cafeteria or changing classes are all daily occurrences that will present challenges in planning based on the restrictions we may be facing with social distancing. How will we take steps to set additional safeguards for employees who may be at risk? We are working on creating a number of alternative plans in anticipation of what may come, knowing that the future is uncertain.

As these dates come and go, it is an emotional roller coaster for all involved. The glimmer of hope as the date approaches, the dissection of the words our leaders use and the questioning of ourselves and each other about the odds of it happening are all too familiar. That is until everything changes. The process starts all over again, but this time with more despair, anxiety and uncertainty.

We do not know when school will be back in session. We do not know what the gradual return to reopening will look like. We are confident that those things will be happening in the future. We will continue to communicate with you regularly as plans solidify.  When reopening does happen, it will be a great day.

Be healthy,
Ryan Delaney
North Baltimore Local Schools