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he North Baltimore staff selected Abigail North to be student of the month for January.  Abbi is an outstanding student academically, maintaining a 4.0 GPA in her high school and college coursework.  She is also incredibly involved within the school and the surrounding community.  She is a member of the track team, volunteers frequently, participates in quiz bowl, and truly shines in our art, music, and drama programs.  As impressive as Abbi’s academic and extracurricular achievements are, her greatest attribute is undoubtedly found in her strength of character.  Abbi is the type of person that is just fun to be around.  She is engaging, funny, and incredibly friendly and compassionate toward anyone she encounters.  She has had an extremely positive impact on the students and staff of this district during her time here.
After graduation, Abbi plans on earning a degree in psychology while minoring in social work.



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