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The North Baltimore staff have selected Gavin Lieb as Student of the Month for May. Academically, he is one of those rare students who prioritizes his time, succeeds at every task set before him, and sets the bar high for the other students around him. In the classroom, he also is one of those rare and wonderful students who is always paying attention, can speak with tact and grace on any subject, and is able to bring the class discussion to a deeper level than it would achieve without him. His positive attitude and kind demeanor is not just evident to his teachers, but to everyone he encounters, because he lives with the utmost integrity and compassion.

Gavin will be truly missed once he graduates from NBHS but we are wishing him all the best on his future successes.

The North Baltimore staff have selected Meghan Thompson as Student of the Month for April.  She has been an exemplary student while attending North Baltimore.  She is near the top of her class while taking a challenging slate of high school and college coursework.  Meghan maintains this academic excellence while giving time to a number of other responsibilities outside of the classroom.  She has been a vital member of both the golf team and the cheerleading squad.  She has also been involved with art club, jazz band, and devotes her time to the surrounding community through the high school’s local volunteer organization, Paws for a Cause.  Meghan was also chosen to represent the district at the state-wide HOBY Leadership Camp. 

After graduation, Meghan will attend the University of Kentucky with plans on becoming a neonatal dietitian.  




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