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Lucy is so deserving of this award for so many more reasons than I could fit in one writing about her. She excels in all areas of academics, is kind to everyone she meets, knows how to prioritize her time, and never hesitates to take on new challenges which she always meets with grace and ease. She radiates maturity, integrity, and strength in every situation she encounters, and she also somehow finds a way to lead her peers to do the same, simply from her own example.
When it comes to academics, Lucy has made sure she is putting herself on a successful path for her future by taking dual enrollment classes as a junior, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, spending her own time researching future majors and scholarships, and so much more. She is always dedicated to her studies, ensures all her work is done to the best of her ability, and really strives to do as much as possible on her own before asking for help.  Concurrently, her attitude toward constructive criticism allows her to adapt to situations quickly, handle stress with ease, and grow more and more into a remarkable young woman that I am positive will shape the world in only good ways.

Lucy’s empathetic nature is not only evident in her school work but also in her extracurricular activities. She has participated in basketball, cross country, and track, with a humble nature even though she excels athletically too. She also is an active member of NHS, Tri-M, band, and Paws for a Cause, our community service group. In all groups, Lucy is one that you can rely on to be dependable and finish anything she starts. She was also elected Vice President of her 4H club and is part of Jr. Fair Board. Somehow, on top of all of this and taking collegiate courses while in high school, she also manages to hold a part-time job at Lennard’s Greenhouse. I know firsthand the dedication and drive Lucy puts into everything she does, and yet she never misses a chance to show her compassion and service-oriented attitude towards others. On top of all this, she is one of the strongest, most naturally talented writers I have seen thus far in my career.

From all my interactions with Lucy, there has never been any doubt in my mind she will accomplish so many remarkable feats throughout her life. While it will be so hard to lose her next year, the college that Lucy chooses will be so lucky to gain her as a student and person because I know she’ll do so well in her future and always find ways to positively benefit others lives. Lucy is clearly a young woman of commitment and initiative, and I have no doubt she will be successful beyond high school as well.

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